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About US

Mission Statement

The guitar section of our fine establishment

MELMUSIC (Melbourne Music Centre) is a long established, family owned business running both a legitimate musical equipment retail store and an eBay and online sales division. Our retail premises are located at 525 North Rd. Ormond, Melbourne in Australia.

Our friendly staff are all musicians with decades of knowledge and experience within the industry. We are NOT an online auction house disposing of superseded or substandard goods. Our mission is to provide affordable good quality, playable and reliable new musical instruments and equipment.

Our entire inventory has been carefully selected from the plethora of cheaper Asian-made products now available on the market. Although the models we stock are not necessarily always the very cheapest, our customers can rest assured that their purchases will represent the absolute best in quality and reliability available in their price bracket.

We ONLY trade with legitimate wholesalers and importers – we do not deal with "fly-by-night" opportunists importing container loads of substandard products.
Everything we sell is covered by genuine manufacturer's warranty, with many products having 2 year extended warranty periods. Certain brands, such as Greg Bennett, Jim Dunlop and Shadow have a full 5 year warranty – something virtually unheard of in the music industry.

Ukuleles, banjos, dulcimers, guitar packs, percussion, leads and accessories

We of course stand behind and guarantee everything we sell – if you do happen to encounter a problem with your purchase simply contact us to arrange its return and (providing the unit has a genuine manufacturing fault!!) we will repair/replace or refund the item – hassle free.
Unlike most of our competitors, we will even pay the freight costs – BOTH ways.

Our highly experienced staff are at your service to assist in your purchase either in person, by phone or via email. eBay purchases can be picked up directly from our store to save on postage and handling costs.
We welcome instore sales and enquiries.
Come in and check out the stock for yourself – you are always welcome, Monday to Saturday.

We don't pressure anybody just to get a sale….others do that so much better! :)

We pride ourselves on our efficiency in dispatching your purchase both quickly and safely.
Everything is sent registered and is insured against loss or damage.
We aim to make your eBay dealings as simple and trouble free as is possible.


Melmusic - Previous History

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Melbourne Music Centre/Melmusic evolved from its parent company, Melbourne P.A. & Stage, founded in 1991 by owner and manager Brad Coates. The basic premise was to buy, sell and trade used professional P.A. and Lighting equipment.
Brad Coates has gained a wealth of knowledge in the music industry spanning over 3 decades. An accomplished musician, Brad spent many years on the road touring and recording with a variety of bands. His long and illustrious career has seen him work in the capacity of Performing Musician, Film & Recording Artist, Session Musician and P.A. Consultant, mostly conjunctively !
A natural progression from updating and replacing his P.A. and Stage Equipment saw Brad dealing in used equipment from his home garage as an independent "backyard" trader since early 1981. The popularity and growth of this business was such that it necessitated the acquisition of retail operating premises and an established business plan.
So it was that in October 1991 Melbourne P.A. & Stage Equipment opened it's doors for business at 523 North Rd. Ormond, Victoria.

An underlying philosophy of Melbourne P.A. & Stage Equipment has been to provide quality second hand equipment, quality service and informed advice. To this end Brad Coates assembled a staff of experienced music industry professionals to cover all areas of music production and sound reinforcement. The staff are also working musicians and / or recording engineers and their combined knowledge and expertise is always on hand to assist any enquiry. To complete the team a technician was taken onboard whose primary function is to service and quality test all second hand equipment sold by Melbourne P.A. & Stage Equipment.

This philosophy saw the business rapidly expand to the point where the adjoining building was acquired to accommodate the stock holdings and floor traffic. Several key areas of trading were pioneered by Melbourne P.A. & Stage Equipment during this time, and still continue to the present day. They include the buying and selling of Vintage Equipment such as Analogue Synthesizers, Vintage Effect Pedals, Vintage Valve Amplifiers, Fender Rhodes, Hohner Clavinet/Pianet and Wurlitzer Electric Pianos to mention just a few.

Melbourne P.A. & Stage Equipment changed its operating name to Melbourne Music Centre/Melmusic in 1995. This was due in part to a recession and due in part to the harsher realities of the prevailing Pro Audio market. The "Owner Operator", formerly the backbone of the business was fast becoming an endangered species as more venues opted for smaller in house systems, or, in many cases, gaming machines, thereby dispensing with entertainment altogether. The name change conveyed a more "generic" musical identity as the main thrust of the business was now directed towards used musical instruments which catered for the "Creation" aspects of music making rather than the "Reproduction" and "Re-inforcement" aspects
The Company's expansion in the "PreOwned" area has continued steadily since and now boasts the title of being the largest Used Musical Equipment dealer in Australasia.

In keeping with its policy and commitment to provide quality service, Melbourne Music Centre, (Melmusic), has established a spare parts department for Vintage Keyboards in particular, Fender Rhodes, Hohner Clavinets/Pianets, Wurlitzer Electric Pianos, Analogue Synths, Combo Organs and various other Vintage Keyboards. This facility has been an invaluable source of supply to the many owners of these instruments who are unable to obtain parts elsewhere. If needed, full servicing and reconditioning can be done on the premises by our in house technician. Another recent service introduced by Melmusic is the supply of old "hard to get" Owner/User Manuals and Circuit Diagrams for Vintage Keyboards, Effects Units and General Musical Instruments.

Melmusic has also been at the forefront of the "Information Technology" era by being the first music store in Australia to go "online" with a dedicated website as early as 1995. Melmusic maintains its own Webserver thereby ensuring fast access and download times. In our commitment to continually improve our customer service, the Melmusic Website,, has a complete listing of our entire stock holdings. Email inquiries, (now outnumbering telephone inquiries), are promptly answered and digital images of goods and equipment can be sent as an email attachment for the customer to inspect. Compiling in excess of 3000 hits per day, the Melmusic Website has its entire stock list updated as often as daily to ensure an accurate reflection of current stock.. Customers can access this listing 24 hours per day and place orders instantaneously from anywhere in the world. Melmusic has exported goods to many countries Worldwide, as far North as Iceland and as far South as Government bases in Antarctica. Our discounted freight contracts ensure goods are delivered safely, quickly and at the best possible price.

Staff Biographies

Brad Coates

Brad Coates
- Managing Director

Most of Brad's past history is documented elsewhere, the remainder not being fit for man nor beast. As managing director of Melmusic, his business dealings are fatally flawed by an unfortunate streak of honesty and sense of fair play. This mars his ability to run what would otherwise be a successful operation. He makes up for this true lack of business acumen by being the possessor of a particularly mischevious and stirring sense of humour, oft misinterpreted by so many others, to their greater detriment.

Mastermind and perpetrator of incredibly complex and convoluted practical jokes, Brad might one day actually concentrate these efforts on running the business instead of allowing his staff to rescue him and the business, from financial disaster on a daily basis!

Denise Cameron

Denise Cameron (Deni)
- Sales & Packaging

Deni; for want of a word that fails to prevail, is the noblewoman of our peel. Deni is sweet, caring, loves animals more than people... step out of line and that's where it stops. Don't let her kind nature throw you off guard as you will be the next in line to be torn a new one ;)

Of course we are all tongue-in-cheek here and Deni is no different. Her humour has evolved since her tenure began and has coined a few good terms of her own, such as... "Stitch and Bitch" A name given to here once a week Bear Camp nimbleness.


Neo Coates

Neo Coates
- Meet & Greet

Neo is the most treasured member of this establishment and to this date, proudly boasts the highest sales statistics among all staff members.

Recently promoted to floor manager, his ego has elevated to megalomaniacal proportions and now has his sights set on Brad's position and a bigger feed bowl.

…work can wait another 30 minutes. There are more important things to do. Like digging up last week's bones… WOOF!


Robert (Robbie) Gray

Long term employee and dear friend Robert Gray passed away peacefully due to brain tumour on Saturday 2nd Feb 2013 @ 4:30pm.

Click HERE to visit his Gallery of Life.

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