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Sorry no image available DUNLOP BLUES BOTTLE GUITAR SLIDE - "Blues Bottle" slide, Vintage style! Taking us back to where it all started

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DUNLOP BRASS SLIDE MEDIUM 22218 DUNLOP BRASS SLSIDE - Medium Wall with Bright Resonant Tone

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DUNLOP CAPO/SLIDE CONVERTOR 70893 DUNLOP CAPO/SLIDE CONVERTER - Raises string height to allow buzz-free sliding

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DUNLOP GLASS SLIDE LARGE 59595 JIM DUNLOP GLASS SLIDE - Heavy Wall Designed for Large Fingers

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DUNLOP LAP STEEL TONE BAR 39332 Dunlop Chromed Steel "Ergo" Tonebar - Perfect Shape and Feel for Silky Tone for Pedal Steel etc.

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DUNLOP MOONSHINE SLIDE LARGE 69263 JIM DUNLOP - Moonshine Slide Heavy Wall for Large Fingers

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DUNLOP SHY SLIDE 60467 DUNLOP SHY SLIDE - Play slide notes and fingered notes simultaneously

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DUNLOP TONE BAR 69926 JIM DUNLOP LAP DAWG TONEBAR - Designed for Progressive Players w/ large radius for added sustain & vibrato

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