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    Tuning Key - The Locking Hold  Fig 1

    Proper stringing of your guitar is critical to how well your instrument stays in tune and performs.
    Follow the simple steps below for electric, acoustic, and classical guitar to maximize string stability.

    Steel String Acoustic Bridge Fig2

    The locking hold - The most secure method of wrapping around the tuning peg is to bring the extra string back around and under the string as it winds around the peg.
    This is especially critical on strings that have no windings (plain steel or classical nylon treble strings).

    Classical /Nylon Bridge Fig 3

    On steel string acoustic guitars, make sure the ball end of the string is firmly seated under the bridge by pushing down on the bridge pin while pulling up on the string.
    At the bridge, it is essential to create a l

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  2. How To Set Up Your Drums

    How To Set Up Your Drums

    How To Set Up Your Drums

    If you want to avoid injury, sound your best, and get the maximum efficiency and enjoyment out of your playing, you owe it to yourself to start with a properly arranged drum set. Keeping in mind there are almost as many strongly held opinions on this subject as there are drummers in the world, if you understand some basic principles, finding a setup that works with you rather than against you will be much, much easier. For this little ergonomics primer, we’re using a basic 5-piece kit with a crash, ride, and hi-hat. Once you get that core setup where you want it, the sky’s the limit for the ambitious percussive architect.


    The first thing you’ll want to do is get your throne adjusted to a comfortable height. This is your centre of power, so make sure you feel centered and balanced at all times. A good place to start is with your thighs n

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