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    "Lamella" means plate, or tongue. "Lamellophone" is an ethnomusicological term describing any instrument that makes its sound by plucking, striking, or otherwise exciting vibrations of lamellae.

    Kalimba was originally one of the names of the traditional African lamellophones. People in northern Zimbabwe referred to their instruments as kalimbas, while people in the rest of Zimbabwe referred to them as karimbas. Kalimba is a generic name for any thumb piano, used today to describe any non-traditional lamellophone.

    The term Karimba comprises a family of closely related instruments:

    • 17-note mbira dzavadzimu
    • 15-note mbira nyunga nyunga
    • 8- or 9-note 'original' karimba
    Each of these instruments is a specific tradit
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  3. How To Set Up Your Drums

    How To Set Up Your Drums

    How To Set Up Your Drums

    If you want to avoid injury, sound your best, and get the maximum efficiency and enjoyment out of your playing, you owe it to yourself to start with a properly arranged drum set. Keeping in mind there are almost as many strongly held opinions on this subject as there are drummers in the world, if you understand some basic principles, finding a setup that works with you rather than against you will be much, much easier. For this little ergonomics primer, we’re using a basic 5-piece kit with a crash, ride, and hi-hat. Once you get that core setup where you want it, the sky’s the limit for the ambitious percussive architect.


    The first thing you’ll want to do is get your throne adjusted to a comfortable height. This is your centre of power, so make sure you feel centered and balanced at all times. A good place to start is with your thighs n

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  4. Choosing your first Bass Guitar Bass Series #1

    Choosing your first Bass Guitar Bass Series #1

    Bass Series #1 - Choosing your first Bass Guitar
    So you want to take up the bass guitar. Where do you start?

    Here in this multi-part series, our resident bass guitar expert, Choo Packer, will discuss many of the considerations involved with the purchase of a new bass for the first time player. These include things like the style and size of the bass, the type of music you want to play and emulate, the type of instrument that is best suited to your body type and age group, and of course what is the best value within your budget. These questions, as well as those typically asked by newbies will all be answered. Now let’s get started!

    Electric basses come in a wide variety of styles, finishes and sizes. Many styles are based on designs that were first introduced in the 1950’s and are still relevant and popular today. As the electric bass is a relatively new instrument, refinements and experiments

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