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FLANGER FLEXI CAPO 70588 FLANGER FLEXI-CAPO - The next-generation capo for acoustic and electric guitars

7 In stock
GREG BENNETT GLIDER CAPO 52640 The Greg Bennett GLIDER CAPO - Easily glides as you play

2 In stock
JVB MULTI-FUNCTION CAPO 73285 JVB MULTI-FUNCTION CAPO - Suits Acoustic, Electric & Nylon String Guitars

5 In stock
JVB MULTIFUNCTION CAPO 71297 JVB MULTI-FUNCTION CAPO - Suits Acoustic, Electric & Nylon String Guitars

10 In stock
NEWPORT ACOUSTIC & ELECTRIC CAPO 71340 NEWPORT ACOUSTIC & ELECTRIC CAPO - Lightweight & Low Profile With In Position Fine Tune Adjustment

3 In stock
SHUBB NYLON STRING GUITAR CAPO 73013 SHUBB NYLON STRING GUITAR CAPO - Nylon String Guitar Capo, Suitable For Wide Flat Fretboards

9 In stock
SHUBB STAINLESS STEEL CAPO 71343 SHUBB ACOUSTIC GUITAR CAPO - Stainless Steel Brass Capo, Suits Steel String Acoustic Guitars

2 In stock
SHUBB STEEL STRING CAPO 71345 SHUBB STEEL STRING CAPO - Shubb Capo In Brushed Nickel, Not As Shiny Satin-Like Finish, Suitable For Steel String Acoustic Guitars

3 In stock

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