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BEHRINGER USB CONDENSER MIC 59062 BEHRINGER USB MICROPHONE - Studio Condenser Microphone with USB Audio Interface and Software Suite

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GAFFA TAPE 48mm x 40mtr BLACK 70864 TENACIOUS GAFFA TAPE - 48mm x 40 Metres w/ BONUS 15 Metres A New Industry Standard

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GAFFA TAPE SMOOTH FLAT BLK CLOTH 70865 TENACIOUS GAFFA TAPE - 48mm x 30 Metres Super Matt A New Industry Standard

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HEADWAY ACOUSTIC PREAMP/DI 72094 HEADWAY ACOUSTIC PREAMP/DI - Premium Quality Pre-Amplifier For Any Acoustic Instrument Giving You Complete Control Over Bass, Mid &Treble

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IRIG -PRO GUITAR/MIC INTERFACE 70133 IRIG PRO GUITAR/MICROPHONE INTERFACE - Universal Audio-MIDI Interface For iPhone, iPad and Mac, The Only Interface You Need For Making Music On The Go

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IRIG HD GUITAR INTERFACE 73925 IRIG HD GUITAR INTERFACE - High-Quality, High-Def Jams On Your iPhone, iPad or Mac/PC

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IRIG HD-A GUIT/BASS INTANDRIOD 73926 IRIG HD-A GUITAR/BASS INTERFACE - Digital Guitar Interface For Android, High-Def Jams On Your Andriod Device or PC

Temporarily out of stock
please call or email us.
IRIG MIDI 2 USB INTERFACE 73927 IRIG MIDI 2 USB INTERFACE - Universal MIDI interface for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac/PC

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