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MMC MICROPHONE BOOM STAND 70825 MMC MICROPHONE BOOM STAND - Lightweight Fold-away legs w/ Steel leg housing

2 In stock
MMC MICROPHONE CLIP HOLDER 22204 MICROPHONE CLIP HOLDER - Large Cup, Flexible Rubber Microphone Holder Includes Thread Adaptor

11 In stock
MMC MICROPHONE CLIP HOLDER 70116 MICROPHONE CLIP HOLDER - Spring Loaded Butterfly Clip Type, Attaches To Microphone Stand

Temporarily out of stock
please call or email us.
MMC MICROPHONE CLIP HOLDER 70210 MICROPHONE CLIP HOLDER - Flexible Rubber Microphone Holder With Large Cup

5 In stock
MMC MICROPHONE STAND 34798 Straight Cast Base Mic Stand

5 In stock
MMC MUSIC SCONCE LIGHT 72006 MMC LED CLIP LIGHT - Fully Angular Beam Adjustment, Long Life LEDs, Runs on 3x AAA Batteries

16 In stock
MMC SPEAKER STAND 73538 MMC SPEAKER STAND - Heavy Duty Steel, Height Adjustable 1.14m to 2.0m, Load capacity 60 kgs

6 In stock
MMC TROLLEY 70848 MMC EQUIPMENT TROLLEY - Lightweight metal frame w/ Nylon Wheels

3 In stock

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