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CHERUB METRONOME & LIGHT 73363 CHERUB METRONOME & MUSIC STAND LED LIGHT - Clip-On Metronome With Plug-In USB Twin LED Book Light, Backlit LCD Display, Rechargeable Battery & USB Cable

Temporarily out of stock
please call or email us.
CPK MICROPHONE w/LEAD 70377 CPK VOCAL MICROPHONE - Unidirectional w/ On/Off Switch Ideal for Karaoke

1 In stock
CPK PLASTIC MICROPHONE w/LEAD 45673 Plastic Budget Mic Various Colours Xlr

11 In stock
DRUM HOOP MIC CLAMP 70484 DRUM HOOP MICROPHONE HOLDER - Clamps To Drum, Attach A Mic Holder Or Gooseneck, Perfect For Live/Studio Use

5 In stock
FINGER EASE SPRAY 43180 FINGER EASE SPRAY - Helps Reduce Finger Tenderness, Smoother Guitar Playing, Helps You Play Faster, Reduces String Noise, Helps Strings Last Longer

17 In stock
GAFFA TAPE 48mm x 40mtr BLACK 70864 TENACIOUS GAFFA TAPE - 48mm x 40 Metres w/ BONUS 15 Metres A New Industry Standard

8 In stock
GAFFA TAPE SMOOTH FLAT BLK CLOTH 70865 TENACIOUS GAFFA TAPE - 48mm x 30 Metres Super Matt A New Industry Standard

5 In stock
HEADWAY ACOUSTIC PREAMP/DI 72094 HEADWAY ACOUSTIC PREAMP/DI - Premium Quality Pre-Amplifier For Any Acoustic Instrument Giving You Complete Control Over Bass, Mid &Treble

1 In stock

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