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CUBONGO BONGO CAJON - Cubongo 8 Tone 'Slit Drum' 25cm Cube
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Cubongo 8 Tone 'Slit Drum' 25cm Cube

Has 8 different tones distributed on its 6 faces, which are rich and unique. Comes complete with 2 beaters, playable for young and old.
CuBongo Characteristics:
|CuBongo is a wooden drum derived from the slitdrum, a drum of African origin. It can produce 8 different sounds distributed individually or in couples on each face of the cube itself.
The big size cube can utter particularly quivering sounds, at different loudness, from the low to upper register, as a xylophone does.
On 2 of this faces, the combination of 2 sounds reproduces the Bongo effect.
CuBongo Potentialities:
Each face of the cube offers various sonorities, depending on the contact point of the beaters which is to be chosen on ones demands.the various sizes of slit cause different loudness and tones.
The CuBongo can be played both with the hands or with the supplied beaters.
CuBongo is to be beaten in the middle of the slit, on its top face or on its opposite side faces.
The numerous available surfaces allow 2 persons its use at the same time.
As well as for percussionists, CuBongo is suitable for didactical purposes and as an instrument uttering sounds at a low register, for musical therapy.
It is suitable for children from 3 years of age onwards owing to its easy use and robustness.
CuBongo is to be laid on a soft surface so as to avoid vibration of the supporting surface itself.

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