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Gift vouchers available for any amount - Simply visit our contact page and send us a request or phone (03) 9578 2426

Gift vouchers available for any amount - Simply visit our contact page and send us a request or phone us on (03) 9578 2426

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HEADWAY ACOUSTIC PREAMP/DI 72094 ― Melmusic - Melbourne Music Centre



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Last updated: Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Premium Quality Pre-Amplifier For Any Acoustic Instrument Giving You Complete Control Over Bass, Mid & Treble

"The Swiss Army Knife for the gigging muscian."

Premium quality pre-amplifier for any acoustic instrument giving you complete control over bass, mid and treble and helping to achieve an authentic and clean acoustic tone. British design, Korean made. It boasts Refined Class “A” Inputs and Pro Audio IC Components, easy to read Pro-Audio design layout & sturdy metal housings built to withstand “Life on the Road”. It is also supplied with belt clips, rubber feet and is threaded for microphone stands.

Serious equipment for serious musicians made simple:

A gigging musician playing any acoustic instrument will know the difficulties in reproducing the sonic qualities at a cafe or pub gig, that sounded so great at home.

This Acoustic Pre-Amp solves these problems by taking the signal from the intruments’ pickup and giving you complete control over the bass, mid and treble, helping to add a richness while acheiving a beautifully clean sound.

Control like never before:

The Range control is a Hi-Pass filter that has settings for several different instruments including; Rock Acoustic (300Hz), Ukulele, Violin/Mandolin, Viola, Tenor G, Bouzouki, Guitar (80Hz), Low D Guitar, Cello, Baritone and Bass. Able to be mounted on a belt clip or screwed onto a mic stand, the EDM-1 is built into a sturdy metal casing which comes with a set of batteries and rubber feet.

This is an essential piece of kit for acoustic players - solo, duet or in a small band - who need to keep a handle over their sound and deliever an authentic acoustic tone to the masses.


  • 3 Band EQ
  • Tuneable “Range” Control covers all instruments
  • 9v Phantom Power assignable to “Ring” or “Tip”
  • XLR Adaptor included - Converts Output Jack to XLR Balanced DI Out
  • 3 Way Impedance Selector
  • Earth Lift Switch
  • Mute Switch
  • Battery, Mains (adapter optional) or Phantom Powered

Information on Headway:

Headway Music Audio Limited was founded in 2006 by director John Littler in Oxfordshire, England. It arose from his former partnership, Headway Electronics and has continued to grow taking on new members of staff and expanded into new premises in 2011.

Headway are the UK’s top supplier of pickup systems for hand-made and production workshop guitars and the second largest supplier of retrofit pickups for aftermarket pro installation.

The pickups are continually acclaimed as being more natural in tone and response and are easier to use than the alternatives. International, dedicated distribution now reaches at least 20 countries and new markets are being explored on a daily basis.

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