Morris Super Sound Bill Lawrence TL Style

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SKU: 20981

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SKU: 20981

All black Bill Lawrence signature, made in Japan by Morris. Super hard to come by this particular model. High quality Japanese construction results in a guitar that not only plays and sounds good, but will last you a lifetime too.

This guitar is in good condition, there is minimal scratching on the body. The headstock has a few dents and minor chips. The metal hardware has patina and some fading and there is some slight rusting on one of the pickup poles. The guitar originally had no grub screws on the saddles so we have had to replace all of the saddles on the bridge, the back plate has been replaced however due to the screw spacing we could not find one that fit perfectly. . The frets are in good condition and have plenty of life left. The action at the 12th fret is 1.5mm with a 12” radius. The guitar is missing its tremolo arm.

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