Crowther Prunes & Custard

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Crowther Prunes & Custard
Bizarre Envelope Filter Effects Pedal

Designed by legendary electronics guru and ex Split Enz'er, Emlyn La Croth ("The Crow"), this little chappie is off the wall!
Described as a Harmonic Generator/Intermodulator, this pedal can produce some very unusual "edge", FM and bizarre distortion can also be used on modular synths to change the waveshape - Very Cool!!
Essentially "touch sensitive"(the harder you play, the more pronounced the effect), it responds to the incoming harmonic amplitude shape/ structure in real time. This pedal is ideal for Drum Machines, Keyboards, Guitars, Vocals and is also useful when playing Bass Guitar,where the Prunes and Custard can produce some analogue synth type sounds.
So, if its something slightly weird you're after that will enhance your recording mix, think about giving this little gem a go.
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