Dunlop Crybaby Q Zone Fixed Wah Pedal

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Dunlop Crybaby Q Zone Fixed Wah Pedal
Analog Circuit Range Switch For Sweet Spot

Guitar effect device with the sound of a fixed wah-wah pedal
The Dunlop Cry Baby Q-Zone Fixed Wah delivers the rich vocal sound of a Cry Baby WahWah effect pedal fixed in the sweet spot without the need to experiment with the rocker pedal.
The sound of the Dunlop Q-Zone, whose analog circuit is equipped with the legendary red Fasel coil, can be precisely adjusted thanks to the lavish controls.
While "Boost" raises the output signal by up to 16 dB, "Bandwidth" allows you to drive through the frequency range just like with a conventional wah pedal.
Q Adjust" allows you to adjust the filter bandwidth, while "Expand" increases bass and gain significantly.
Last but not least, the "Range" switch can be used to determine the frequency range in which the effect is primarily active.

Fixed Wah for electric guitar
Circuit with red fiber coil
Up to 16 dB output signal boost
Controls for Boost, Bandpass, Q Adjust and Expand
Range switch
true bypass
Operation with 9V battery or optionally available power supply unit
Sturdy metal housing
Dimensions: approx. 64 x 111 x 49 mm (WxDxH)
Weight: approx. 0.2 kg

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