Tenacious Gaffa Tape 48mm x 40m Black

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48mm x 40 Metres BONUS 15 Metres A New Industry Standard

The industry standard in Australia has, for some long time now, been the Nashua 357.
This product is made in the USA as a Heating Ventilation/Air Conditioning Cloth Duct Tape.
II is only in Australia that this product gets widely used in the entertainment industry.
Since it is designed for the permanent sealing of duct work it has an aggressive adhesive with good adhesion to self, it is not designed or intended for clean-removal.
This product is good for holding wires/cables and the range of applications required by a gaffer or roadie. However, the tape is prone to leaving residue and damaging certain surfaces on removal.
This Tenacious Gaffer has a slightly firmer adhesive than the Nashua 357 and also a marginally higher coat weight of adhesive.
If you like the Nashua 357 and are happy with its performance, then this gaffa is the product for you.48mm wide x 40 Metres long.

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