Greco Matsumoto TE-300 1973 Cream

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Discover the vintage charm of the 1973 Greco Matsumoto TE300 Telecaster, crafted at the renowned Matsumoku plant in Japan. While Spacey Sound telecasters may still be somewhat common, coming across a Greco Matsumoto Telecaster like this one is a rarity these days.

The distinctive features of the 1973 TE300 are evident right from the headstock logo and style, which authenticate its vintage heritage. Take note of the Matsumoku stamp on the back of the headstock, a mark of its origin and craftsmanship.

One notable characteristic of this model is the presence of double chrome-covered bridge and neck pickups, a unique configuration exclusive to the TE300. These pickups contribute to its distinct tonal palette and provide a sonic experience that sets it apart from other Telecaster models. The Maxon serial numbers also confirm the guitars manufacturing date to be 1973.

The Greco Matsumoto TE300 Telecaster embodies the craftsmanship and attention to detail that made guitars from the Matsumoku plant highly sought after. From its vintage aesthetics to its exceptional build quality, this instrument carries the spirit of an era renowned for producing exceptional guitars.

Own a piece of guitar history with the 1973 Greco Matsumoto TE300 Telecaster. Its rarity, unique features, and unmistakable vintage sound make it a prized gem for collectors and players alike.

 This guitar has plenty of roadwear in the form of scratches and chips on the body which add to its aesthetics. There is a minor crack in the heel, however this does not go all the way through and is just on the surface. The chromed hardware is still in fantastic condition with minimal patina build up. The frets show signs of wear but are overall in great condition and have plenty of life left in them with no evident denting. The action currently sits at 2.5mm on the 12th fret and the guitar feels great to play with its C shaped profile. The guitar is missing it's ashtray bridge cover which is commonly missing amongst guitars this old.

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