Greco GTX-55 Tusk Device 1984 MIJ

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Made in Japan 1984
Featuring Double Roller way saddle
Hexadic Locking Device
Sky Diver Tremolo System
Rosewood fretboard

This guitar is overall in a very good condition. There are only a few minor bumps and dings. There is a small bump on the front of the body near the back pointy bit. There’s a few very small dings on the headstock. There's a very tiny surface crack at the heel which is very difficult to see. On the inside of the neck pocket on the bottom side there is a little bit of unfinished wood that can be seen slightly. There are some minor scratches on the back of the neck behind the 10th fret which can be felt but do not impact playability at all. The frets are in great condition, there are signs of wear but no denting, there is plenty of life left in them. The action at the 12th fret is just under 2mm which could be brought down fairly easily. The guitar has had a minor neck-body realignment which has been professionally fixed by Black Guitars. The guitar doesn’t seem to have had any previous work done prior to this. The guitar has its original tremolo arm and comes with its original gig bag.

Black Guitars is Jon Free, a luthier, a guitar builder and repairer. Jon has been working in the industry for decades overseas and at home, working with some of the biggest names today including Maton and Cole-Clark. If that wasn’t enough Jon owns two custom guitar shops, Black Rose where he re-engineers and rebuilds one off custom ‘Hot-Rod’ style archtop guitars, and Tin-Tone for one of a kind Cigar-Box style tin-bodied guitars hand built from antique parts. Owners of these custom guitars include Johnny Depp, Seasick Steve, Sonic Youth and Deep Purple.
Clients of Black Guitar’s repair services include: The Dandy Warhols, The Drones, PJ Harvey, My Bloody Valentine, The Naked and Famous, Hugo Race and many more!
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