Headway HD-115 Vintage Acoustic MIJ

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SKU: 21249

The Headway HD-115 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar from the 1980s, made in Japan, is indeed a classic and highly regarded instrument from that era.

Headway is a notable Japanese guitar brand known for producing high-quality acoustic and electric guitars. It was founded in 1977 under the guidance of Yasuo Momose, a renowned master luthier. Yasuo Momose is also associated with other well-known brands such as Bacchus and Momose guitars.

The HD-115 model is a dreadnought-shaped acoustic guitar, which is a popular and versatile body style known for its balanced tone and projection. The guitar features a spruce top, which has resonance and clarity. The sides and back are made of rosewood, and has warm and rich tonal characteristics. The inclusion of a tortoiseshell pickguard with a herringbone edge on the top is a classic design touch that pays homage to vintage American guitars like the Martin D-28.

The Headway HD-115 is based on the design of the Martin D-28 Dreadnought, which is an iconic acoustic guitar model known for its powerful sound and playability. Many guitar makers, both in the United States and abroad, have drawn inspiration from the Martin D-28 when crafting their own dreadnought-style guitars. And in this case they made an incredible quality guitar.

Vintage Japanese-made guitars from the 1980s, especially those from respected brands like Headway, are highly collectible. They are often sought after for their craftsmanship, tonal quality, and historical significance. This guitar is no exception, it's high quality build has definitely stood up to the test of time.

This guitar is in excellent condition especially considering its age. It has a few light marks on the body, refer photos. The heel cap has a slight crack which is very thin and barely visible and has a very small knick on the back of the headstock near the machineheads. The hardware is in spectacular condition with only mild patina and the gold colouration shows only very mild signs of fading. The frets do show signs of minimal wear but there is plenty of life left, and no denting is evident, a recrowning would not be necessary for quite some time. The action on the 12th fret is 2.5mm and the saddle has plenty of room to come down if necessary, however the guitar currently plays like a dream. An absolutely stunning sounding acoustic. Clear and articulate while retaining a big low end.

This guitar comes with a hard case.

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