Hohner Harmonica Clamping Harp Holder

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Just Like Norman Gunston & Bob Dylan Used

Simple construction - Easy harmonica clamping system (Specially designed for Chromatic Harps)
The original Hohner harmonica holder offers perfect solutions when playing harmonica together with guitar or other instruments.
Its construction assure a good and secured positioning of the harmonica.
Made popular by the likes of Norman Gunston, Bob Dylan and Neil Young, this brace holds a harmonica right in front of your mouth, allowing you hands-free playing.
It adjusts to any position and can be taken on or off with ease.
For harmonicas up to 7-1/2" long. Nickel-plated finish.
Hohner harmonica holder
Suited to most diatonic harmonicas
For harmonicas up to 7 1/2" long
Finish: Nickel-plated

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