Ibanez Roadstar II Series RS530 1985

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Ibanez RS530 1985 Vintage Japan! Great condition for a guitar this old and has been professionally set up and restrung. High output humbuckers give this thing the grunt you need for those heavier tones. Plays and sounds awesome. All blemishes pictured.

The Roadstar design is a rough approximation of the Fender Stratocaster and belongs to a genre that came to be known as Superstrats. It is the predecessor of the current RG series.

The RS530 was introduced in 1984 and discontinued in 1985. It features the "Pro Rock'r" double locking tremolo bridge system with locking nut. the Pro Rock'r was the predecessor for the long standing Edge system which is the Ibanez original Floyd Rose System. 

Since the late 1970s, Ibanez has offered a number of guitar series based on the Fender Strat. The first was the Roadster guitars introduced in 1979, followed by the similar but stripped down and more affordable Blazer in 1981. Both had typical Fender features, such as a bolt-on neck, single coil pickups and the double cut curved body shape.

Height at 12th Fret: 2mm

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