Innovative Black Nylon Drum Rods Medium Pair

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Retractable Brushes Durable Plastic Housing

The Innovative Percussion retractable brushes feature a durable plastic housing with no pull-rod to bend or jam.
Both retractable brushes feature light flexible (blue) and medium stiff (natural) bristles for different playing styles and sound possibilities.
The medium stiff bristles are also available in a wood handle model, along with the BR-4 wood handle model which features heavy extra stiff bristles (black) for increased projection and articulation.
All of the wood handle models are constructed of Innovatives heartwood hickory shafts and feature Innovatives unique and innovative “fulcrum notched” design for great feel and balance.
The nylon bundle sticks feature a nylon grip and adjustable nylon sleeve to create numerous sound and articulation possibilities.
The "CAPS" are a unique new product, similar to the bundle sticks, but features the "fulcrum notched" wood handle and extra heavy nylon bristles with brass caps on the end for incredible articulation and projection.

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