JB-62 MH Fender Jazz Bass Ocean Turqoise CIJ '99 - '02

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Body - Basswood
Neck - Maple
Fretboard - Rosewood 20F
Pickups - JB Vintage x2
Controls - 2x Vol, 1x Tone
Bridge - Vintage
Weight - 4.3kg

 This bass is in fantastic condition and has only a few minor bumps, a small one on the back is the most notable but is very small, refer photos. The nut looks to have been raised by a small shim. Outside of this the bass doesn't look to have had any work done to it. The frets have moderate wear but still has plenty of life left in it. The action is currently sitting at about 3mm but there is plenty of room to lower the action via the saddles if desired. The bass does not include any accessories and does not come with a gig bag or case.

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