Laney Linebacker Busker Amp

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5 Watt 1 x 6.5 Custom Speaker Twin Channel Battery Power Option

The more compact sibling of Laneys Linebacker Series.
This 5 Watt amplifier is ideal for plugging your instrument in at home, or even to set up for an impromptu busking session.

With separate instrument and mic channels, each with level control, overall dynamic contour control,
11 amp models, and ultra-high quality EQ on each amp model, this amp provides great sound for any level of musician.

5 Watt portable amplifier
1 x 6.5 customer speaker
11 amp models
Dynamic contour control
Ultra-High quality EQ on each amp model
Presence Control
4 Modulation FXs plus delay and reverb
On-board tuner
Phones and record out
Power adaptor and shoulder strap included (converts to free guitar strap)
Battery power option (6 x AAA batteries not included)
Dimensions: Height 30.1 cm, Width 28.5cm, Depth 17.6cm
Weight: 4.75kg

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