Leslie 770 Cabinet with Deluxe Combo Pre-amp

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Step into the realm of auditory excellence with a stunning Leslie 770 Cabinet, a masterpiece in both aesthetics and functionality. Very well preserved, this cabinet boasts a resplendent condition that befits its timeless allure. But it's not just about looks; the true magic lies within its unparalleled sound quality. Each note reverberates with clarity and depth, courtesy of smoothly spinning motors and horns that ensure a symphony of sonic perfection. Elevate your musical experience to new heights as you immerse yourself in the rich, dynamic tones emanating from this exceptional piece of equipment. The depth and 3 dimensional sound is like nothing you'll ever experience with any other amp. This particular model has a feedback circuit built into the amplifier that allows it to break up in a similar way to the tube version.

9 Pin Leslie Deluxe Combo Preamp Model 135640. 2 Channel preamp with fast and slow foot switches. Independent volume for each channel. Very rare piece of gear. Allows you to plug in line level instruments such as guitars through the 6.5mm jack inputs. Comes with 9 Pin cable to connect to a 9 Pin Leslie Cabinet.


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