M-50 R.Matsuoka Classical MIJ 1999

SKU: 20681

Sale price$1,549.99


SKU: 20681

Absolutley beautiful vintage Ryoji Matsuoka M-50 in excellent condition. Rare to find these in such good nick. High level Japanese construction which results in an amazing sounding instrument. Great choice for any player looking for a high end classical for half the price. These don't come around too often so if you're keen on it snap it up while you can!

This guitar is in fantastic condition with only one notable blemish, a small chip on the edge of the body as per photos. There is a very subtle and healthy bellying on the body, the bridge has no lift and is sitting solidly. The frets are in great condition with only very minimal wear, so fret life will not be an issue with this guitar. The action at the 12th fret is 3.5mm on the low E and 3mm on the high E. The saddle is sitting quite high and definitely has plenty of room to be shaved down if required. There is no evidence of any previous repair work. The guitar comes with a moderately padded gig bag.

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