Maedoc 12 String Standing Baby Harp

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Tuning Tool And Extra String Set

Featuring 12 DuPont hard Nylon strings, a range from F below Middle C to High C, engraved and inlaid Rosewood frame and a Plywood Soundboard for exceptional sound and strength.
High quality, beautifully styled Harp. Sounds lovely and the exquisite design brings elegance to your dcor. Fill your home or the forest with wonderful music.
Our Celtic-style Harps have engraved Rosewood frames with Mahogany plywood Soundboards and include a 1-year warranty. The strings are color coded: Red for "C" and Blue for "F".
Engraved and inlaid Rosewood frame
Range from F below Middle C to High C
Approximately 51cm x 30cm x 15.5cm
12 DuPont hard Nylon strings

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