Mahalo Mahogany Baritone Ukulele

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Quality Mahogany Body Ukulele

World renowned, Mahalo ukuleles offer the most affordable price and quality in the world of ukuleles.
They have excellent playability, a great resonant tone and good attention to detail like the dolphin shaped metal plates on the tuners.
The Baritone ukulele is tuned D-G-B-E, as opposed to Sopranos, Concerts and Tenors which are tuned to G-C-E-A.
The top D string is also lower than the other strings, unlike Soprano, Concert and some Tenor ukuleles where the top string is higher.
This uke has a wonderfully deep, rich tone that comes from its larger body.
The frets have more space too, so if your hand is as about as delicate as an elephant's foot, the Baritone ukulele will be a much more comfortable option.
BARITONE SIZE Mahogany body
Nato wood neck with Rosewood fingerboard
Rosewood bridge
Abalone dot inlays
Gold plated dolphin design tuning pegs
20 frets

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