Motion Sound KBR-3D Rotary Keyboard Amplifier - Not Currently Working


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As part of our clearance of "requiring repairs" stock (we no longer have an inhouse tech) we are putting this Motion Sound Leslie Amp and speaker system up for sale as is how it was traded in. Basically it's a 110V American unit that some bright spark plugged into 240V. (They just keep doing it!)
Work on it was started, including installation of an Australia standard 240V transformer but was never finished. Now it's just taking up invaluably needed space here so up for sale it goes.
The new price of these in the USA was over $2000USD when released.
It includes a professional road case and we're listing it at literally what the road case only would cost just on its own!
Please be aware that this is NOT currently operable and will require work by an electronics tech to get it up and running. We just want it gone to make room here so we no longer have to pay for separate storage space.
WE are supplying this with a copy of the 18 page service manual and notes from the previous tech to make whichever tech takes it on, life a bit easier :-)
Below please find a superlative-laden description from the Motion Sound website.
A quick Google will turn up more information if required.

Need swirlicious organ sounds that only a real mechanical rotary speaker system can provide? Motion Sound has an excellent suggestion for you: the Motion Sound KBR-3D. The KBR-3D sports two stereo channels: Hi-Fidelity (for synths, pianos, etc.) and Rotary (for organ). A 12AX7 in the preamp stage lets you dial in the preferred amount of tube grit. You get tons of control over your sound, including a 3D spatial expander that greatly expands your stereo image, and an included footswitch that lets you control rotor speed. Factor in its curb weight of only 70 pounds, and the Motion Sound KBR-3D makes an ideal gigging keyboard amp.

The KBR-3D sounds fantastic, and it gives you a ton of control over your sound. It sports a 12AX7 in its preamp stage, letting you dial between squeaky-clean and crunchy tube overdrive - and all points in between. You also get a contour control (4-7khz) that lets you emulate the frequency response of vintage rotary speakers. The Post Gain pot controls the volume of the rotary horns and low-rotor simulator. The Stereo simulator is mixed into the Hi-Fidelity channels. Two microphones are built in with level controls mixed into the XLR line outputs. It all adds up to one stunning keyboard amp!

Two 10" speakers; two 3.5" ferro-cooled horns
80-watt MS 1.2 rotary-horn driver
Stereo low-rotor simulator for fat, punchy low end
Two stereo channels: Hi-Fidelity (synths, pianos, etc.) and Rotary (organ)
Two pairs of 1/4" inputs with separate volumes plus global 3-band EQ
Fast/Slow/Stop rotary speed control 2-button footswitch (included)
Bass, horn volume, and effect level controls
Two microphones on rotary horn, rear panel mixer to outputs
1/4" rear-panel power amp line inputs
XLR L/R outputs include all signals for PA feed
Curb weight: a manageable 70 pounds!

Tech Specs:
Speaker Size : 2 x 10", 2 x 3.5"
Total Power : 2 x 100W
Frequency Range : 50Hz-15kHz
Enclosure Material : MDF
Mounting Options : Floor
Inputs : 6 x TRS"
Outputs : 2 x XLR
Height : 21"
Width : 24.5"
Weight : 70 lbs.

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