Korg MS2000BR Rackmount Analog Synthesiser Module

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The Korg MS2000 is a remarkable synthesizer that combines cutting-edge analog physical modeling sounds with a vintage Korg aesthetic. Its appearance is as impressive as its sound quality. Reminiscent of Korg's sought-after MS-series synths like the MS-10, MS-20, and MS-50, the MS2000 continues the legacy of these iconic analog synths. The MS2000 stands out for being one of the few compact monosynths of its time that featured patchability, allowing for flexible sound design. It retains a straightforward and hands-on approach to editing with dedicated knobs, buttons, and captivating lights. While it lacks traditional patch cables and input jacks, the MS2000 introduces a unique "Virtual Patch" mode that enables signal routing to different sections of the synth, such as the LFO, filter, or keyboard velocity, using the LCD display and intuitive navigation through various screens.

Comparing to its counterparts like the Roland JP-8000 and Novation SuperNova & Nova synths, the MS2000 possesses an extraordinary appearance but also has some limitations. It offers only four-voice polyphony, restricting its ability to create lush and complex pads and sounds. However, its sound is clean, crisp, and remarkably versatile. It excels at producing beefy basslines, sub-basses, sweeping leads, expressive pads, and impactful hits. Classic features include a 6-pattern arpeggiator, a highly flexible LFO with sample and hold capabilities, vintage wood side-panels, and printed block diagrams and programming data on the face.

Programming on the MS2000 aligns with its classic appearance. The two oscillators provide eight waveforms plus noise. The self-oscillating filter section offers 12dB high- and band-pass filtering, as well as switchable 12 or 24dB low-pass filtering. The typical envelope generators modulate the filter and amplifier. Two LFOs provide extensive modulation possibilities. Additionally, the MS2000 features a 16-band vocoder section reminiscent of the VC-10, which performs exceptionally well. On-board effects include chorus, flange, phaser, delay, distortion, and EQ. The synth also introduces a "Modulation Sequence" mode, allowing you to create and edit 16-step patterns or sequences in real-time, adding dynamic movement to your sound. The MS2000 is a meticulously designed and versatile synth that pays homage to its classic predecessors while surpassing their capabilities. It has been used by a diverse range of artists including BT, Depeche Mode, Apollo 440, The Crystal Method, Placebo, The Faint, Royksopp, Adrian Belew, Jean-Jacques Perrey, Saga, Klaus Schulze, Rick Wakeman, Yes, Yesterdays, Keith Emerson, and Snoop Dogg.

The MS2000R is the rackmount version of this exceptional synthesizer. While it lacks a keyboard, the 16 function buttons on the front panel can be switched into "Keyboard" mode, functioning as keys for demoing sounds during programming. This feature is particularly valuable as it allows musicians to hear their progress directly from the unit, a rarity among rackmount synths. The MS2000 is truly a thoughtfully designed instrument that caters to musicians of all skill levels, offering classic and innovative sounds within a high-quality digital synth wrapped in a sleek vintage aesthetic that is sure to turn heads.

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