Onstage Violin Hangar Microphone Stand

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Mic And Music Stand Hanger For Violin

The ideal companion for the performing violin.
These compact stands are the perfect way of hanging your instrument on any type of tripod-based stand.
The U-Mount clamp design allows your instrument to be mounted onto any tubing from 1/3rd inch up to inch (9mm - 22mm) in diameter, which is perfect for all popular music and mic stand designs!
For the violinists out there, this u-clamp includes an extra area to hang your bow.
Also included is extra EVA bumper to stabilise and protect your instrument against knocking against the stand at just the right height.
Recommended weight load: 8 lbs.

Suited to any stand from 1/3rd inch up to ¾inch in diameter (9mm - 22mm)

Securely holds Violin and Bow
Moveable EVA bumper to protect your instrument
Recommended weight limit: 8lbs
Includes: u-mount clamp, EVA bumper, EVA bumper zip tie

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