Orville LPC-75 Les Paul Custom 1990 MIJ

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The Orville guitars were the Japanese domestic market Gibson guitars for most of the 1980's and into the 1990's. At the time this was done to try and combat the rampant guitar plagiarism going on at the time. Known as the lawsuit era, the Orville by Gibson guitars were made in the Terada factory and the Orville guitars were made in the Fuji-Gen Factory. When Epiphone production moved to Korea Yamano Gakki and Gibson chose the Orville name for the Japanese domestic market range of instruments, which was between the American made Gibson guitars and the Korean made Epiphone guitars. 

The Yamano Gakki K Orville serial number format is K 0YPPPP. The shortened K Orville serial number format is YPPPP, with the K letter and the first 0 having no year or date information. The year of production for these guitars was 1989-1993, therefore this Orville is a 1990 model made for Yamano Gakki by Fujigen.

This guitar has a fair bit of wear and tear from heavy usage, this guitar was clearly someone’s main workhorse at some point. The body has its fair share of knicks and bumps, the sides and back exhibit the majority of this. There is a fair amount of belt rash in the middle of the back but none of it has cut through the lacquer. The sides have a few bumps. The hardware has a decent amount of patina, and some gold sections have worn down to the metal. The neck has a section which looks to have been refinished, as there is a slight colour and texture difference, it is quite likely that the entire neck has been refinished to cover up the weird neck section. However if it is the case that the whole neck has been refinished, an incredibly skillful job has been done as it blends absolutely seamlessly with the rest of the paint job on the body. This also has absolutely no effect on the guitars playability. There is no evidence of any previous neck repairs on this either. The frets have some signs of wear and minor denting but have plenty of life left and a crowing would certainly be unnecessary. The action at the 12th fret is 1.25mm and the guitar plays absolutely amazingly. The guitar is on the heavy side as with most Les Pauls at 4.3kgs. The guitar comes with no accessories besides the semi rigid gig bag.

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