Deluxe Scruggs Banjo Pick Pack

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Presenting the deluxe Earl Scruggs banjo pick pack set - the ideal choice for bluegrass aficionados who demand the very best. This upgraded set includes two Ernie Ball pointed finger picks, crafted from a blend of genuine Silver Nickel, Zinc, and Copper alloys. These extra lightweight finger picks feature pointed tips that deliver a clean and precise attack from any angle, ensuring your playing always sounds crisp and clear.

The Picky Pick finger picks are also expertly contoured to fit your fingers perfectly, providing unparalleled comfort and control. With their unique design, you'll be able to play with greater speed and accuracy than ever before.

Alongside the finger picks, this deluxe set also includes a medium-large plastic thumb pick which can be shaped. The combination of metal and plastic picks provides a balanced tone, ensuring that the dynamics and unmatched tonal variation of your playing remain intact. The Nickel Silver Finger Picks enhance the high-frequency potential of the banjo's high strings, while the plastic finger picks deliver a smooth and natural tone across the lower banjo strings.

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