Roland Juno DS61 Synthesizer

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Introducing the Roland Juno-DS61, a versatile and powerful synthesizer that unleashes your creative potential. Packed with advanced features and cutting-edge technology, the Juno-DS61 is designed to inspire musicians of all levels.

With its 61-note velocity-sensitive keyboard and wide range of high-quality sounds, the Juno-DS61 offers an immersive playing experience. From realistic pianos, lush strings, and dynamic brass to vibrant synth leads and pulsating basses, this synthesizer covers a vast sonic palette to suit any musical genre.

Equipped with an intuitive interface and hands-on controls, the Juno-DS61 allows you to shape and manipulate sounds with ease. Dive deep into sound editing, tweak parameters, and add expressive nuances using the onboard knobs, sliders, and modulation wheel.

Whether you're performing on stage or creating music in the studio, the Juno-DS61 ensures seamless integration into your workflow. It offers a wide array of professional features, including a built-in eight-track pattern sequencer, a sample import function, and a dedicated mic input with effects for vocal processing.

Furthermore, the Juno-DS61 is portable and lightweight, making it the perfect companion for musicians on the go. Its battery power option and convenient USB connectivity allow you to make music anywhere, anytime.

Unlock your musical potential with the Roland Juno-DS61 and embark on a sonic journey filled with endless possibilities. Explore new sounds, create captivating performances, and let your creativity soar to new heights.

This unit has been tested and is fully functional, it is in fantastic condition and shows little signs of wear.
The unit does not come with a power supply, but uses a common 9V. The unit has its original soft case and has its instruction manual

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