Ronan Levered 22 String Standing Harp

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22 strings With Levers 3 Octaves Tuned C-C Solid Carved Plain Rosewood Body

The Folk Harp is a 22 stringed instrument which has the plane of its strings positioned perpendicularly to the soundboard.
Organologically, it falls in the general category of chordophones (stringed instruments) and occupies its own sub category (the harps).
The Folk Harp has a neck, resonator, strings and a pillar.
This Folk harp has 22 DuPont hard nylon strings and has a 3 octave range: from A to C, In diatonic tuning.
There are sharpening levers on all 22 strings to enable the harpist to play in any key by raising the pitch of the string a half-step (eg. F to f#).
The strings are coded with the "C" strings being colored red and the "F" strings colored blue.
Includes Tuner, Strings & Padded Bag
22 strings
French style
Plywood soundbox
Solid Plain Rosewood
Solid carved body
3 Octaves
String range C-C
Diatonic (Major scale) tuning
Includes Tuner, Extra Set Of Strings & Padded bag
Dimensions: Height: 95cm,
Width: 45cm,
Depth At Base: 25cm,
Depth At Top: 10cm

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