Shadow Mandolin Bridge Pickup

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Built-In Volume Control & 12 Foot Cable

Mandolin bridge pickup with built-in volume control. Includes two wooden bridges to suit flat or arch top mandolins. 12 foot cable.
This pickup is specially designed for bluegrass music and has perfect string to string balance.
It includes a pickup with an integrated volume control and two different bridges.
A flat top ebony bridge and an arch top rosewood bridge assign you the needed flexibility.
The installation is very easy and done in seconds without drilling a single hole. It includes a 12' (ca. 4m) shielded instrument cable.
Made in Germany.
Note: There are two bridges included with this pickup, one for flat top and the other for arch top mandolins. The flat top bridge is 3/8" high, and the arch top bridge is 3/8" in the center and 1/2" at the saddle ends. Add to this about 3/32" for the saddle after it has been inserted, so the minimum height would be 3/8" + 3/32" = 15/32" in the center.
Note that these are not adjustable saddles or bridges, they are both fixed height.

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