Shadow Stomp Box

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Shadow Stompin' Bass Stomp Box
Compact Stomp Box Shadow Preamp

Shadow Stompin' Bass Stomp Box
Compact Stomp Box Shadow Preamp

For those of you who like to create a natural rhythm to accompany your playing, the Stompin'Bass is a perfect solution.
The Shadow Stomp Box (made in Germany) comes with a built in pickup and pre-amp to give you a full kick drum-like sound.
The bass output is outstanding, and is something you'd once have found only in a full size acoustic stomp box!
The slanted top gives a player comfort and easy use with the foot. You can either play it by using your toes or your heel.
It also features a removable rubber extension so that you can place your foot in a more comfortable position for playing long periods.
After testing this against some of the other stomp boxes available, these have by far the best sound, level of output and user-friendly design.
Just ask the many people that have opted for these fantastic boxes over other stomp boxes in our store!
Rosewood box
Shadow pickup and preamp
Soft surface pad
Detachable rubber foot-rest extension
Anti slip base
Slanted design for easy stomping
Made in Germany

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