Shadow Ukulele Pickup System

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Flexible Pickup Fits Straight Under Bridge Saddle, Provides Absolute Natural Sound With Zero Hum

This Shadow Ukulele pickup is a Nanoflex undersaddle pickup with preamp for ukulele.
The installation is done in seconds - without any modification to your instrument.
As the Nanoflex technology was born it opened the window to the beautiful world of the natural sound reproduction of acoustic instruments.
Only Nanoflex pickups sense the vibrations of the strings and the movements of the soundboard simultaneously.
The sound is sweet and percussive with exact attack. This gives the feeling of having a microphone mixed with an undersaddle pickup.
Due to active amplification directly at the pickup and 100% shielding of the entire system, no sound will be lost and no hum created.
The flexible pickup mounts under the bridge saddle and the attached extremely light preamp with 3V cell battery holder.
Volume control and output socket mounts to the bridge end. 12 foot (4m) cable is included.
No modification on instrument needed!
Made In Germany

Based on revolutionary Nanoflex pickup technology
Very easy installation
No modification on instrument needed
Absolute clear and natural Sound
100% hum-free
Super sensitive undersaddle pickup
Volume control, 1/8 output socket
3V cell battery
Very low power consumption

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