Suzuki Taishogoto Tokumatsu Acoustic Koto (Japanese Nyoga Harp) Red

SKU: 20333

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This is a ‘Taishogoto Koto’, a musical instrument was invented in Japan. It is based upon a dulcimer/auto-harp concept with type-writer style keys to reach different frets. It features four top strings which are fretted and a drone string. All strings are tuned to G, with the top fretted strings tuned to one octave, the wound fretted string tuned an octave down and the drone string tuned a further octave down.


This is an acoustic Taishogoto Koto which was designed to be easily played so that people who are not experienced with playing musical instruments could learn.

This koto has been tested and works as it should. It comes with a hard case.


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