Tokai T-450R Vintage Banjo MIJ

SKU: 21612

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SKU: 21612

Tokai T450R 5-string vintage banjo crafted by Tokai Guitars in the 70's, a respected Japanese instrument manufacturer known for its commitment to quality. Sounds awesome, bright and clear, perfect for bluegrass or any type of country music. The high quality Japanese craftsmanship results in a really good value instrument.

The T400R features a laminated rim and resonator, Nato neck a smooth rosewood fingerboard, and a Remo head. If you’re looking for a reliable and well-crafted banjo, the Tokai T400R is a great choice.

This banjo is in great condition and plays very well. There is some wear on the metal components but nothing out of the ordinary for an instrument this old. Frets still have plenty of life. Does not come with a case.

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