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SKU: 21510

The Taishogoto, also known as the Nagoya harp or Taisho harp, is a unique Japanese musical instrument that blends elements of the traditional koto with a typewriter-like keyboard. It was invented during the Taisho era in Japan (1912–1926) by Goro Morita, who aimed to create an instrument that was easier to play than the traditional koto. Suzuki were one of the main manufacturers for Taishogoto's. 

The Taishogoto features a long, rectangular wooden body similar to a koto. It typically has 4 to 6 strings (in this case 5) that stretch across the length of the instrument. On top of the body is a row of keys or buttons. When these keys are pressed, they change the pitch of the strings, similar to the way a typewriter changes letters. The strings are usually plucked with a plectrum or strummed with a pick, while the keys are used to alter the pitch by pressing them down to change the note.

Unlike the traditional koto, which requires specific finger techniques to press and pluck the strings, the Taishogoto allows players to produce different notes by pressing the keys and plucking the strings. This design makes it much easier to play. It can be played solo or as part of an ensemble and is often used in various genres, including folk and classical Japanese music.

The sound of the Taishogoto is bright and twangy, reminiscent of the koto but with a unique timbre due to its mechanical pitch-changing mechanism. Depending on the model, it has either a diatonic or chromatic range, allowing for a variety of melodies and harmonies.

The Taishogoto is considered more accessible than the traditional koto due to its simplified playing method, making it popular among beginners and hobbyists.

This item is in excellent condition.

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