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SHADOW KILL POT 250K - With Push-to-Kill Switch for Dead Quiet
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With Push-to-Kill Switch for Dead Quiet

Made by world renowned producer of affordable good quality guitar parts; SHADOW! The "Kill Pot" rated at 250K will give you that extra edge of professionalism you are looking for with the "PUSH TO KILL" function.

Looking for that true machine gun effect? Well look no further! Install the "KILL POT" and with a simple rhythmic pushing up and down/in and out of the button, you'll be firing sonic air bullets at your audience in rapid succession with a minimum of fuss ;)

Guitarists have once envied violinists for the amount of expression a violin can pull off, hence the reasoning that Nicolo Paganini paved the way for Yngwie Malmsteen and his numerous clones. Ever since the advent of the electric guitar, guitarists pushed its limits to recreate new modes of expression, an example of which is the machine gun effect. If the machine gun effect for drum sequences has been met with disdain by the electronic music community, guitarists on the other hand love creating this effect on their electric guitars via a toggle switch method. To his detriment, however, creating that machine gun effect has resulted in numerous toggle switches being destroyed, recreating in his mind how Nick and his violin laugh together (and exclaiming "Che stupido ragazzo!"). To solve this costly and annoying problem, Shadow Electronics decided to develop and release a new pot just for that effect, the "Kill Pot".

The"Kill Pot" is no ordinary potentiometer; it is equipped with a push switch that enables you to do that machine gun effect you so desire. By pushing the pot up and down quickly, you can recreate the machine gun effect without ever touching your toggle switch. The "Kill Pot" then preserves your toggle switch as well as provides you with a much more comfortable way of doing that technique.

It is possible to install the "Kill Pot" in any guitar in place of your old volume and/or tone potentiometers. It can even be installed in archtop guitars with its 16-mm bushing. The "Kill Pot" replaces your guitar's standard potentiometer and Shadow Electronics leaves it up to you whether to install it as a volume or tone pot. There is no need to worry though since the "Kill Pot" will still function like a standard potentiometer -- plus that new sound effect.

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