kids with musical instrument

Encouraging your child to play an instrument is one of the best things you can do to nurture their early development and encourage a strong sense of self.

The study of music has a range of benefits for kids of all ages – from the nursery right through to the classroom. Here we take a look at some of the ways that this can influence your little one’s growth and journey.

Finding the right musical instruments for your baby 

Playing with instruments provides your baby with stimulation and helps to develop their brain’s neural pathways. It also helps them to develop their coordination and fine motor skills. Studies have also linked playing instruments during childhood to better self-discipline and confidence, as well as better memory.   

Rhythm and beats create a calming sense of routine and predictability. Drums are a particularly good choice for babies as they are durable and won't get damaged if they get dropped or battered. They sound great, too, so they will help the child become interested in experimenting with beats and rhythms.

Another great option is the range of handheld percussion products like maracas, bells and tambourines. They’re small so they can easily be taken in the car or pram, and they can easily be moved around by small children.

Exploring the best musical instruments for toddlers 

Research has shown that playing and listening to instruments greatly enhances the brain function of toddlers. This is an important step in building their reading, writing and social skills. Tots who participate in musical activities often develop better speech skills and learn to read quicker and easier. This is because the part of their brain that is linked to language, rhythm and sound recognition gets stimulated.  

Baby musical instruments

Music can also be used to help kids learn their ABCs and numbers, as well as teach them how to perform tasks like brushing their teeth, getting dressed and washing their hands. This leads to your child becoming an independent and responsible young person.  

Learning to play basic beats and rhythms teaches them to work towards their goals through self-discipline and persistence. When a toddler learns to make a new sound, it teaches them the value of persistence and gives them a sense of achievement, helping to build their confidence. 

How to make the right choice for your bub

Playing in the early years teaches your little one to link the movement of hands and feet with feelings, sounds and sights, which helps them to develop better coordination and athletic ability. This helps with the development of brain structure and forming important neural connections.

If young children are exposed to beats and rhythms while in groups, especially in family activities or playing with other kids, they are likely to have better social skills and be more empathetic as they grow up. Babies who experiment with toys like bongos and hand drums also develop a stronger memory, and have better focus and attention in adulthood. 

How to shop for preschool children

For preschool-aged toddlers, you want to be looking for a way to encourage their social, speaking and reading abilities to grow. Social skills can be learned in groups. Products like xylophones, kid’s drums and the recorder are great preschool instruments to start playing around with in groups.  

Musical instruments for toddlers

Speaking and reading skills are developed by stimulating parts of the brain that are responsible for these actions. Studies show that playing music is one of the best ways to stimulate these parts of the brain. These are all vital when it comes to functioning in today's society. In addition, one of the best outcomes is that they’ll be gifted with lifelong talent and passion that they can enjoy.

Here at the Melbourne Music Centre, we have a wide selection of quality instruments for children available, suitable for all ages. Take through a look through our range to start your kids on their journey today. If you need any further tips or assistance, feel free to get in touch with our friendly staff, who have a wealth of knowledge about our range.