Tips on the Best Way to Store Guitars

Are you aware of the best way to store your acoustic and electric guitars to avoid damage? If you nervously looked over your shoulder at where they are currently being kept, the answer is likely not.

Knowing how to store your guitars is basic knowledge that every musician should know to keep your instruments in pristine condition, and their sound quality unaffected. If you’re using your guitar on a daily basis, for example, simply keeping it upright on a stand or a wall hook can be a terrific start.

Moreover, if you plan on putting your electric or acoustic guitar away for any length of time, such as when moving, there are a few extra tips you should remember as best practice.

Stop worrying about whether you should store it in the case lying flat or standing upright. In this article, the team at Melbourne Music Centre will break down everything you need to know on storing an acoustic and electric guitar.

How to Store an Acoustic or Electric Guitar Safely 

Before you pack it away in the case, there are a few things to do to the guitar itself. Firstly, if it’s equipped with vibrato, you will want to remove the arms of the vibrato to ensure a snug fit. Next, marginally loosen the strings, while keeping string tension on the neck.

If it’s possible, the best way to store either an electric or acoustic guitar is by standing them upright and in their case. The case will protect it from environmental dangers, but should it not be an ideal fit for the guitar inside, placing it upright will avoid excessive neck tension.

Should standing them upright not prove possible for whatever reason, the next best option is laying on its side, not flat. You should never stack them flat on top of each other if you have multiple guitars – or any other object on top of them, for that matter – as the added pressure will compromise the integrity of the guitar’s structure, especially the neck. So, whether upright or on their sides, keeping multiple guitars in a row is the best way to store them.

Lastly, consider the storage location. You might not think about it, but it’s best to try storing your guitar in the middle of your home rather than near an outside wall, especially if you live in a highly fluctuating climate. If you’re looking to get really serious, you may even want to consider investing in a case humidifier for the winter months, or a case dehumidifier if you live in a more humid climate. 

Storing a Guitar Safely is Easy with the Right Equipment

Now that you know how to store an electric or acoustic guitar, you need the equipment to do so! You can find everything you will need to safely store your guitars right here at Melbourne Music Centre.

Check out our cases for both electric and acoustic guitars to keep your instruments protected in storage. Not ready to store it yet and want to show it off instead? We also have all kinds of stands to choose from to keep your guitar upright and on display!

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