Service and Repairs

Melbourne Music Centre offers instrument restringing, general service and repairs at competitive rates. Everything from replacing a single broken string through to a complete set up to of your instrument to make sure its playability is of the highest level.

We pride ourselves on a quick turnaround and you can usually pick up your instrument the next day, sometimes even same day service is available. Below is our pricing chart for most common restrings and services. We undertake repairs of a more custom nature at our discretion and will give you an approximate quote before commencing work. We do undertake electronic work, generally simple tasks such as fixing input jack sockets, noisy pots etc. For more complex electronic problems we can refer you to the appropriate experts.

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Choose your favourite brand of strings or let us recommend a suitable model for your instrument & budget

Single String Replacement Guitar  >
Guitar Restring  >
Basic Guitar Setup  >
(Action & Intonation)  
Guitar Restring and Service  >
(Clean & Polish, Remove DNA/Sweat & Oils from Fingerboard, 
Recondition Neck w/Lemon Oil, Adjust Neck, Adjust Intonation) 
Guitar Restring Floyd Rose Style Locking Systems  >
(Basic Restring) 
Ukuleles Basic Conversion to Left Hand   >
Ukuleles Restring   > $25
Mandolins Basic Restring  > $60
Banjos Basic Restring  >
Violins/Viola Full Setup  >
Fitting End Strap Pins  >
(Does Not include Cost of Pins) 
Replace Machine Heads   >
Replace Nut    >
Replace & Adjust Saddle   >


For other services and modifications, we will provide consultation with an approximate quote before commencing work.



How often should I replace my strings:
This depends on depends on your playing/practice schedule and your maintenance of the instrument. If you play often we suggest a change of strings at least every 3 months or so.
If your strings sound dull and are visibly worn you are overdue for a restring.

My instrument is difficult to play and it is hard to press the string strings down:
There are a number of reasons why your instrument may become difficult to play and tune.

1, Due to the changing seasons (temperature, humidity etc) your instrument's neck may need adjustment so the fingerboard is straight.    ( A bowed neck will make the playing action high or cause string buzz.)
2, Old and worn strings feel uncomfortable and will be hard to keep in tune.
3, The saddle/saddles where the strings pass over the bridge may need height adjustment.
4, If you have changed your string gauge, neck and saddle adjustment may be necessary.
5, Your tuning heads or tuning pegs may be loose and require adjustment or in some cases replacement.

The good news all the above can be easily fixed with a service and string change.

My electronics are intermittent and scratchy:
It is quite common for your input wiring to become loose or broken and dirt can build up in your selectors and controls. Most of these problems can be easily fixed in-house. Sometimes replacement parts need to be installed.
For more complex electronic problems we can refer you to the appropriate experts.