110 Ireland's Best Session Tunes Volume 1

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With Guitar Chords

The cream of Irish traditional music is presented in three core collections of essential session tunes.

Each book includes 110 of the most popular and enduring session tunes in Ireland and around the world.
Join in wherever you go with these collections of jigs; reels; hornpipes; polkas; slides; airs and more.
All the books feature accurate transcriptions in an easy-to-read format; and include guitar chords.

Reels Included:

Anderson's Reel, The Banshe, The Blackberry Blossom, Bonny Kate, The Boyne Hunt, The Bucks of Oranmore, Bunker Hill, Captain Kelly, The Congress Reel, Ther Copperplate, Down the Broom, Drowsy Maggie, The Fermoy Lasses, The Flogging Reel, The Fox on the Town, Father Kelly's Reel, The Geehan's Gooseberry Bush, The Green Fields of America, The Green Groves of Erin, The Heather Breeze, The High Reel, Lucy Campbell's The Maid Behind the Bar, The Maid of Montcisco, Mary Grace, Miss McLeod's, The Morning Star, The Mountain Road, My Love is in America, The Nine Points of Roguery, O'Rourke's, Over the Hill, Paddy Kelly's Reel, Roaring Mary, The Salamanca, The Sally Gardens, The Shaskeen, The Skylark, The Sligo Maid, Sporting Paddy, St. Anne Reel, The Star of Munster, The Swallow's Tail, The Teetotaller's Reel, The Traveller, Trim the Velvet, Trip to Durrow, The Wind that Shakes the Barley, The Wise Maid.

Jigs Included:

The Battering Ram, Behind the Haystack, Bill Collins', The Connaughtman's Rambles, Donnybrook Fair, Fasten the Legging, Father O'Flynn, The Frost is All Over, The Geese in the Bog, The Gullane Jig, Haste to the Wedding, The Humours of Lisheen, The Irish Washerwoman, The Kerry Jig, The Kesh, The Lilting Fisherman, The Maid on the Green, The Merry Old Woman, Morrison's Jig, Paidin O Raifeartaigh, The Rambling Pitchfork, The Swallows Nest, The Templehouse Jig, The Tenpenny Bit, Tripping Up the Stairs, A Trip to the Cottage.

Polkas Included:

As I Went out upon the Ice, Captain Byng, Carroll's, Church Secret, The Croppies' March, Dan Coakley's, Dan Mack's, Mrs. Ryan.

Hornpipes Included:

The Boys of Bluehill, Brendan Vincent's Favourite, The Bworn Chest, Cronin's Hornpipe, The Flowing Tide, The Friendly Visit, The Galway Horn Pipe, The Greencastle Hornpipe.

Others Included:

Barney Brallighan (Slip Jig), The Blackbird (Long Dance), Blind Mary (Carolan), The Castle of Dromore (Lullably), Fanny Power (Carolan), Gallant Tipperary Boys (Slide), Hardiman the Fiddler (Slip Jig), John Kelly's (Slide), The Kaiser (Slip Jig), King of the Fairies (Long Dance), Lonesome Road to Dingle (Slide), Madam Bonaparte (Long Dance), Mairseali Ri Laoise (Slow March), Padraig O'Keeffe's (Slide), Smash the Windows (Single Jig), The Star Above the Garter (Slide), Tabhair Don do Lamh (O'Cathain).

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