Applecreek Standard Dulcimer

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Complete with Fretting Stick made in Romania

This delightful instrument sports a Spruce top with Pear shaped soundholes at one end and hearts at the other.
Tuning is maintained by four in line geared machine heads with Pearloid buttons.
The Dulcimer comes complete with a heavy duty padded gig bag and an Applecreek pick.
These nicely made instruments are hand-crafted in Romania and are incredible value for money.
The Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer has to be one of the easiest musical instruments to play.
Tune it up and simply fret a note with your finger or a “noter” (Short length of dowel) and strum.
The diatonic tuning and unique string spacing make it easy to pick out melodies. Fret two strings or more at once for chords.
Handcrafted in Romania by experienced luthiers, this Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer features a Spruce top,
richly stained Maple back and sides and a Maple Fretboard. Geared machine heads are provided for easy and precise tuning.
Apple Creek Dulcimers are well made using time tested construction techniques.
A Padded Gig Bag is included.
Spruce top
Stained Maple back and sides
Maple Fretboard
High quality geared tuners
Black body bindings
Includes heavy duty padded travel bag
16 frets
Fretboard Width: 1¼”
Scale Length: 24⅛”
Overall length: 31½”
Body depth: 1⅞”

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