Artesia Fully Weighted Portable 88 Key Digital Piano

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The Artesia 88 Key Portable Digital Piano is a versatile and feature-rich instrument perfect for pianists of all levels. It offers a full 88-note keyboard with fully weighted hammer action keys, providing an authentic and expressive playing experience similar to an acoustic piano. The touch response can be adjusted with low, normal, and high sensitivity options to suit individual playing preferences.

With a polyphony of 64 notes, the piano allows for complex and layered playing without any notes dropping out. It comes with various sound effects, including reverb and chorus, enabling you to add depth and richness to your performance. The built-in metronome ensures precise timing and rhythm practice.

The piano features a master volume control, allowing you to adjust the overall sound output to your liking. It also comes with a range of tempo settings (20-280) and 16 demo songs for practice and inspiration. For convenience, the instrument includes two 15 Watt speakers, providing a clear and resonant sound.

The package includes essential accessories such as a power adapter for powering the piano, a sustain pedal for sustaining notes, and a music rest for holding sheet music or scores while playing. The portability of the digital piano makes it easy to take with you for rehearsals, gigs, or lessons, making it an excellent choice for musicians on the go.

USB to host
MIDI out
Sustain pedal
Line out L/R
1/4 Headphone
Powered by 12v Power adaptor or 6 D batteries (Not inc)

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