Authentic South American Native Double Flute

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Medium Sized C Tuned 440Hz Shaman Flute

These Native American flutes are handcrafted in Argentina from locally grown woods, which are hand harvested in a fully ethical environment.
The woods are left to dry for a year before crafting each unique flute.
The Flutes are then sealed with organic beeswax and left in a dry dark place for another year and finally coated with a Carnauba wax.
The body is made from Black Bamboo (Phyllostachys nigra).
The mouthpiece is made from Palo Santo (Spanish: Holy Stick), Maplewood,Brazillian Tigerwood and Argentinian Guatambu (Pau marfim)
Maroon leather straps hold the block pieces in place, Yellow leather straps support the body.
Leather sourced from native livestock.
This flute also has a beautiful macrame centrepiece.

These double flutes, also sometimes called drone flutes are dual chambered, with one chamber holding a root note and the other chamber playing melody.
Tuned to C in 440Hz.

Standard hole sequence follows: C, Bb, G, F, Eb.
More notes can be played by cross fingering and other techniques.
The Length of the flute is 420mm

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