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Laney Lionheart B-MINI-STBSUPERG2 : Unleashing the Roar of Miniature Power

Discover the Lionheart's mighty roar in a compact package with the Laney B-MINI-STB-SUPER-G2. This 2 x 3-watt stereo mini amp is not just a marvel of size but a powerhouse of sound, embodying the iconic Lionheart range from Laney. Here's why this mini amp deserves a spot in your musical arsenal:

1. Powerful Stereo Sound:

Equipped with two 3-inch full-range drivers, the B-MINI-STB-SUPER-G2 delivers a stereo experience that defies its miniature size. Immerse yourself in the rich, dynamic tones that echo the legacy of Laney's Lionheart series.

2. Bluetooth Audio Enabled:

Step into the modern age of connectivity with Bluetooth audio capabilities. Easily pair your devices and stream your favorite tunes or play along with backing tracks, adding a new layer of versatility to your practice sessions.

3. Dual Channels for Versatile Performance:

With two channels at your disposal, explore a wide range of tones. Whether you're aiming for a clean, pristine sound or craving the grit of overdriven distortion, the B-MINI-STB-SUPER-G2 lets you seamlessly switch between channels to suit your playing style.

4. On-Board Digital Delay:

Enhance your sonic landscape with the on-board digital delay. Experiment with the depth and space of your sound, adding a touch of ambiance to your playing. The delay controls, including delay level, are easily accessible for quick adjustments.

5. Portable and Durable Design:

Crafted with an impact-resistant, injection-molded cabinet featuring a textured finish, this mini amp is built to withstand the rigors of travel and daily use. The blue color adds a touch of style to its robust construction.

6. Connectivity Options:

Connectivity is key, and the B-MINI-STB-SUPER-G2 provides a single jack input, mini jack MP3/AUX input for external devices, and a headphone socket for private practice sessions. The Laney Smartphone Interface (LSI) socket, cable included, ensures seamless integration with your smartphone.

7. Battery or AC Power:

Powered by 6 x AA batteries (not included), this mini amp is ready to go wherever your music takes you. Alternatively, use the optional AC adaptor (MINI-PSU) for continuous power when an outlet is available.

8. Perfectly Packaged:

Presented in a color display packaging, the Laney Lionheart B-MINI-STB-SUPER-G2 makes for an excellent gift for musicians who appreciate quality, portability, and a touch of vintage aesthetic.

Embrace the power and portability of the Laney Lionheart B-MINI-STB-SUPER-G2 – a mini amp that roars with the soul of its larger counterparts. Whether you're practicing at home, recording, or jamming on the go, this mini powerhouse ensures that the spirit of Lionheart is always within reach.

Enhance Your Sonic Journey with Laney and Tonebridge!

Tonebridge Guitar Effects is a revolutionary tool designed for guitarists eager to delve into a universe of diverse guitar sounds. Developed by Ultimate Guitar, Tonebridge allows users to effortlessly access a vast array of iconic guitar tones from their favorite songs.

Unleash the full potential of your Laney Lionheart B-MINI-STB-SUPER-G2 with the innovative Laney Smartphone Interface (LSI) socket. Seamlessly connect to Tonebridge Guitar Effects, the ultimate tool for guitarists seeking diverse tones and creative exploration.

Tonebridge Highlights:

  • Access iconic guitar tones from popular songs.
  • User-friendly interface for effortless navigation.
  • Extensive preset collection with 2 million+ users and 23,000+ songs.
  • Excellent sound quality via advanced digital signal processing.
  • Versatile features including a tuner, metronome, and chord library.
  • Dynamic tone adjustment for personalized sonic exploration.

LSI Interface and Tonebridge: A Dynamic Duo: Connect your Laney mini amp to Tonebridge via LSI for a dynamic partnership that opens up a world of creative possibilities. Elevate your playing, experiment with diverse tones, and craft your unique soundscapes. The journey of sonic discovery awaits – experience it now with Laney and Tonebridge!

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