Bambina Pink Monkey Handbells

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High Quality Made In Japan

Bambina Pink Monkey handbells.
Cute, easy to hold set of 6 bells on a Monkey frame.
Produces a fantastic sound with fun googly eyes.
Very high build quality, made in Japan.
These lovely and dreamy instruments are quality ABS plastic for use by kindergartners and children as the ideal "first-experienced" percussion instruments.
The beautiful colour can not peel off and they are safe and sturdy to play with.
The familiar animals will carry the youngsters into the world of make-believe.
These bells, so easy to hold, will give little ones hours of fun and will encourage toddlers' musical activities.
Kids and parents alike find the instruments in this range irresistible!
These instruments can withstand the kind of workout only a 4-year-old can dish out. Tap and shake along to your favourite songs or just make up your own fun rhythm

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