D-Tronic Electronic Bass Drum Pedal

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D-Tronic BD20/TEQ01 Electronic Bass Drum Pedal

  • sturdy construction
  • bass drum trigger and pedal
  • piezo transducer
  • velocity sensitive
  • suits a wide range of electronic drum kit/percussion pad brands and models

This reverse beater electronic bass drum trigger with integrated pedal is both sensitive and dynamic. It offers drummers and programmers a high quality yet inexpensive solution for triggering drum samples through an electronic drum brain, drum machine or MIDI controller with external trigger inputs. It utilizes a rugged Piezo transducer element and a strong yet tactile rubber beater pad.

You can plug straight into a MIDI/USB controller such as the Alesis control pad or similar to trigger bass drum samples from Ableton and similar programs.

The low profile design makes a lot of sense and overcomes some of the issues found in the cheaper tower style kick drum pads such as double triggering when they move around. This Pedal uses the downward inertia of the reverse beater to help keep it in place. Adjustable spurs are also integrated into the design – just like a professional bass drum kick pedal.

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